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This web page acts as a portal into a series of Interactive Failure and Fracture Mechanics Resources.  These are intended to supplement undergraduate modules dealing with fatigue, fracture and failure analysis, or to support Continuing Professional Development short courses.  The aim was to improve student-centred learning in the integrative skill areas of linear elastic fracture mechanics and failure analysis.  Successful failure analysis depends on metallurgical/materials input as well as a good knowledge of design, stress analysis and fabrication.  It is therefore a high level engineering skill and case studies are an excellent means of achieving "authentic learning".

These resources have been developed over a number of years and are based on experience of the difficulties and pitfalls found by students in grappling with an inherently defect-based approach to engineering.  The case studies arose out my experience as a consulting failure analyst.

Use of these resources is open to any academic and student provided that they are not used for financial gain, and that appropriate acknowledgment is made to the author and to their provenance.  I would be interested to hear feedback on their use and to find out where they are being used.

Problems with Java Applets and Adobe Flash Player: 

Over the last few years most internet browsers have started to block ActiveX and Java applets from running because of security vulnerabilities.  Particular sites can be marked as ‘trusted’ in both Java and Internet Explorer.  The only ActiveX control is, I think on this page and the animation provided three links to the main parts of the tutorial.  Hyperlinks are given below and can be used if this animation is blocked.

Fracture Mechanics Tutorials

Failure as a Design Criterion

Failure Analysis Industrial Case Studies

In terms of getting ActiveX to run, I went to IE settings (the gearwheel symbol) then Internet Options, then the Security tab, then the Trusted Sites arrow and clicked on Sites, and added the webpage

The Activities on the industrial failure analysis pages are Java applets and to allow them to run, on my computer, I went to Start, All Programs, Java, Configure Java which opened up the Java control panel.  I then went to the tab labelled Security, set the Security level to ‘High’ and in the Exceptions Site list added - the final slash is important as it will extend the security level to all the other pages in the resource.  This information is given for guidance as to what worked for me; please note that any security modifications you make to your own computer are entirely at your risk.

The Future

I should have much more time available from 2107 onwards, and plan to both update and extend this resource, possibly by producing an iBook, but possibly by converting the bulk of the site to hyperlinked pdf documents.


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