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Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTP)

Formerly known as Teaching Company Schemes (TCS), the KTP funding mechanism has been described as one of the UK’s best-kept secrets.  Government support (typically between 40 and 60%) is available for joint projects between industry and academics.  the duration of the development project can be up to 3 years.  One or more graduates is employed to work in depth on an industry-led problem, with the support of the University’s facilities and expertise.

Staff at ACMC have many years’ experience with these programmes.  Plymouth University has a dedicated KTP Office for project management and development support.  Programmes can address a wide range of commercial problems, including design, manufacture, marketing, quality systems, etc.

Knowledge Transfer Partnerships between ACMC and industry

CompanyProjectSectorStart dateDuration Associate(s)
Plastech (1)TCS ~~~Process equipment December 1992Two yearsRichard Bland
Halyard M&I LimitedTCS 1507Sector October 1994Two yearsPaul Jackson
SpinnakerTCS 2405Cash-in-transit July 1995 October 1997Dave Marshall & Andrew Wilson
PendennisTCS 1486Marine November 1995 May 1999Rob Pritchard & Nick Haywood
Pow PlasticsTCS 2577Sector August 1998 September 2000Christopher Payne
GKN Aerospace (year 1)TCS 3067Aerospace March 2000 October 2003 Claire Baker, Jago Pridie
GKN Aerospace (years 2/3)TCS 3067Aerospace March 2000 October 2003 Lara Attridge, Iosif Progoulakis and Robert Blackburn
Plastech (2)TCS 3078Process equipment May 2000 January 2003Leslie Bond
Pump InternationalTCS ~~~Fluid handlingJune 2000July 2002 Keith Menadue
Multiclip/Vortok InternationalTCS 3720Railway electrification October 2001 November 2003Alan Sleith
Plastech (3)TCS 4198Process equipment January 2003 April 2005Stephen Warden
Smiths Group/Dowty PropellersTCS 4274Aerospace March 2003 March 2005Robert Witik
Kingfisher Boats LimitedKTP 0182Marine April 2004 October 2007Rupert Lorraine
Lapmaster InternationalKTP 0403Surface finishingAugust 2004February 2007Alex Ball
Bassett Group/RigiboreKTP 0480Machine toolsNovember 2004August 2006 Nathan March
Liquid Cargo Management KTP 0561 Fuel storage 2005 2005 Company withdrew
ZoeftigKTP 6262 Passenger terminal seating November 2006 March 2009Charlie Fowler
Composites IntegrationKTP 6608Process equipment August 2007 October 2009 Laurence Broadbent
Spinnaker (5)KTP 8267Cash-in-transit August 2010 December 2012Amundeep Hothi
Pipex LimitedKTP 8545ConstructionJanuary 2011May 2012Will Broom
Lorient PolyproductsKTP 8578Fire protection February 2011 May 2013Natalia Kopocinska
Wessex GRP Products KTP 8891 Garage doors May 2012 August 2012 No suitable graduate identified
Crumb RubberKTP 9049Materials recovery January 2013Two years Sara Castilho