ACMC/SAMPE Conference on Marine Composites
Plymouth, 11-12 September 2003 (SCU C502)

Conference website
All papers were presented at the Conference and
   all but 1710 were published by Advanced Composites Manufacturing Centre in the proceedings book (ISBN 1-870918-02-9 .. now sold out).

Selected papers were refereed and subsequently published in
   Composites Part A: Applied Science and Manufacturing, 2000, A31(12), 1287-1444 with an introductory editorial.
The CPAASM link in a cell below is the DOI for the ScienceDirect record.

Thursday 11 September 2003 (morning)
Thursday 11 September 2003 (afternoon)
FRIDAY 12 September 2003
0900 Prospective Legislation and the GRP Industry/1703
Les Norwood/British Plastics Federation, UK
1330 Stress analysis in compression of NCF composites with large out-of-plane misalignments/1710 CPAASM
D Mattsson, R Joffe and J Varna/Luleå University of Technology, Sweden
0930 The Use of Structural Adhesives in the Marine Industry/1707
Mark Cooper/Scott Bader/UK
0930 Closed Mould Processing in the Marine Industry/1706
Mark Cooper/Scott Bader, UK
1400 Osmosis in Marine Composites/1713
Nigel Clegg/Consultant, UK
1000 Design and Test of Lightweight Sandwich T-joint for Naval Ships/1704 CPAASM
Aage Lystrup and Helmuth Toftegaard /RISO National Laboratory, Denmark
1000 The means to void content reduction in vacuum infusion process/1700
Md Afendi, WM Banks and D Kirkwood/University of Strathclyde - Scotland, UK
1430 Modelling the properties of ageing marine composites/1715
G Kotsikos, Jody Dalzel-Job, K Morris, J Mawella/QinetiQ, Scotland
1030 Flexural behaviour of top hat stiffened GFRP plate panels/1705
Omer Eksik, R A Shenoi and S S J Moy/University of Southampton, UK
1030 Modelling composites manufacturing techniques/1719
Arjen Koorevaar/PolyWorx, The Netherlands
1500 Afternoon tea 1100 Coffee
FIRE 1530 The Potential Use of Optical Strain Imaging in Marine Composite Applications/1701 CPAASM
Mel Richardson and Zongyi Zhang/University of Portsmouth, UK
1130 Application of Fiber Reinforced Plastics (FRP) in large removable bulkhead on board of a ship/1714
Wiard Leenders/Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands
1130 Assessment of the mechanical performance of phenolic laminates after ageing in a marine environment/1708
Frédérique Le Lay Joëlle Gutierrez/DCN CESMAN/France
1600 Application of Smart Optical Fibre Sensors for Structural Load Monitoring/1702
Crispin Doyle/Smart Fibres Ltd, UK
1200 Oil platforms, destroyers and frigates: case studies of QinetiQ's marine composite patch repairs/1716 CPAASM
Toby Turton/ QinetiQ/UK
1200 Light Rigid Fire Blockers/1711 CPAASM
Ryszard Kozlowski, Bozena Mieleniak and Krzysztof Bujnowicz/Institute of Natural Fibres, Poland
1630 Rapid, Sensitive Inspection of Marine Composites using Laser Shearography/1712
Roger Gregory/Laser Technology (UK) Limited, UK
1230 Use of composites in the Visby stealth corvette/1718
Fredrik Lindblom/FMV, Sweden
 1700 NDT of sandwich structures/1717
Thomas Wulf/FORCE Technology, Denmark
1230 Lunch
1900 Tour then Conference Dinner at National Marine Aquarium
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1300 Close of Conference and Lunch
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