Advanced Low Cost Aircraft Structures

The ALCAS project is a 4-year (2005-2009) R&D programme funded by the European Union (Framework 6).  It is a large and complex consortium of 60 partners (Manufacturers, Research Institutes, Universities, SMEs and Industry) which is developing designs, processes and materials for the next generation of composite structures for aircraft.  More details can be found on the new ALCAS website.

The overall objective of the project is to maintain and enhance the competitive position of the European Aerospace industry, in the face of significant challenges from strong global competition.  The specific objective is to contribute to reducing the operating costs of relevant European aerospace products by 15%, through the cost effective full application of carbon fibre composites to aircraft primary structure, taking into account systems integration.  The target product range is from business jets to large civil airliners.  The additional objective is to develop the European Aerospace research and development community, encouraging strong links and relationships between industry, research institutes, universities and SMEs.

One strand of the project concerns dissemination, in which the University of Plymouth and TWI are the main partners.  Activities under this work package include annual review meetings, technology workshops and use of project outcomes in education and training.

ALCAS wishes to explore routes for dissemination of its results within the higher education sector.  The University of Plymouth is also looking for ways to distil meaningful learning outcomes from complex, inter-related R&D results.  Our overall objective is to develop and pilot representative learning packages for use in university engineering courses.

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Images from Dassault