Industrial Development, Testing and Consultancy

ACMC undertakes a wide variety of R&D work using a number of funding sources.   Some long-term projects are funded by research councils, UK government or Europeam Community sources (e.g. the framework Programmes), while other work is carried out for individual industry clients on a short or medium-term basis.  We can provide appropriate Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDA) or work to those provided by the company.

Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTP) are one of our preferred schemes and have been a significant part of our work for many years: these schemes provide financial support for in-company development projects. For more information on KTP, click here.


Examples of recent projects

Forensic examination of failed CFRP bicycle components

kneebrace.jpg (17333 bytes)

Carbon-epoxy kneebrace for Smith & Nephew.
The original product (above) was vacuum-bag/autoclave moulded from prepreg, and required considerable hand finishing in addition to a lengthy cure cycle.  ACMC demonstrated considerable savings for the client through an RTM prototype, using a foam core and a braided carbon reinforcement in a novel adjustable tool.

Novel speed of sound sensor for Valeport, using carbon/epoxy pultrusions

rocat.jpg (15952 bytes)

Manufacture of innovative rowing catamaran.
Resin infusion was used to produce twin glass/epoxy hulls.  Each hull was manufactured in two halves,
then bonded with internal bulkheads.

turbines and sea.jpg (14644 bytes)

Process design and optimisation for Vestas Blades, UK