Continuing Professional Decelopment Course
  Introduction to Composites Manufacture

This course combines presentation of the basic properties and manufacturing routes for thermosetting polymer composites, with practical sessions on vacuum bagging, resin transfer moulding, resin infusion and materials testing.

Indicative course content:

Day 1

  • Basic principles of composites - constituents, properties, applications and manufacture.
  • Concepts of laminate design.  Calculation of laminate thickness.
  • Practical laminate design and manufacture.

Day 2

  • Properties of composites.  Resin systems and prepregs – manufacture, storage, lay-up and cure.  Void formation and effect on properties.
  • Basic vacuum bag techniques; selection and use of ancillary (disposable) materials; health and safety.
  • Practical - vacuum bag and autoclave.

Day 3

  • Resin transfer moulding. Matched tool and resin infusion processes. Materials selection, tooling design and process control.
  • Practical/demo - RTM and resin infusion.
  • Automated processes - filament winding, pultrusion.
  • Testing procedures

Day 4

  • Repair of composite structures – nature and assessment of damage; repair objectives and strategy.
  • Practical (testing and evaluation).
  • Collation and presentation of experimental results.
  • Final discussions
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