Composite Developments
for the Boat Building Industry

ACMC in partnership with
Kingfisher Boats, Falmouth

Kingfisher Boats have ambitious plans to manufacture up to 16 new sports boats per year.   They realised that the company’s infrastructure needed updating to incorporate new developments in CAD/CAM and composites manufacture, particularly closed-mould processing.

Kingfisher has introduced Rhino 3D CAD software, and is currently updating its drawings to this format.   A parametric design capability will greatly enhance the development and modification of new craft, and will provide a novel interface with the customer.

In parallel with a more sophisticated approach to design, Kingfisher is replacing traditional hand laminating of its GRP hulls with resin infusion, leading to a faster, cleaner and more environmentally-friendly manufacturing process for all its components.

Know-how in resin infusion technology is being transferred from ACMC by laboratory experimentation, demonstration and one-to-one training on the shop floor.

This project has financial support from the UK Government’s Knowledge Transfer Partnership scheme.   Up to 60% funding is available for joint projects of up to 3 years duration.   Recent graduates are employed to work in depth on an industry-led problem, with the support of the University’s facilities and expertise.


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