R&D for RTM Equipment, Control and Materials

ACMC in partnership with
Plastech Thermoset Tectonics, Gunnislake

Plastech is a highly specialised company providing machinery, tools and moulds for the manufacture of composite components.   Offering leading edge equipment and tooling technology to all manufacturers wanting to use fibre reinforced plastics, from simple general mouldings to large high value components, Plastech’s equipment is used for the processing of many different resin systems, including polyester, epoxy, phenolic and hybrids.

ACMC has just completed its third collaborative project with Plastech under the Knowledge Transfer Partnership scheme.   The most recent KTP concerned the design, develop and production of a novel automated preforming machine.   This is expected to have a dramatic impact on the composite market and will significantly enhance Plastech’s reputation, market share, turnover and profitability.   The company will also benefit from increased demand for training and consultancy to support and optimise efficiency of the new machine.

"Our collaboration with the University of Plymouth has consistently proved extremely valuable to our company.   The natural tendency for most is to think of a University as being too academic and not sufficiently in touch with industry.   In the case of Plymouth this is far from the truth.   Our partnership in many projects continues to be of great importance to us, giving us the opportunity to examine systems in detail and to test various materials on a level that would have been impractical in most instances.   On-going dialogue with the University’s teaching and research personnel and use of its laboratory facilities and research database has proved to be of great benefit to our company’s strong market position".
- Alan Harper, Managing Director, Plastech.

These projects received financial support from the UK Government’s Teaching Company and Knowledge Transfer Partnership schemes.   Up to 60% funding is available for joint projects of up to 3 years duration.   Recent graduates are employed to work in depth on an industry-led problem, with the support of the University’s facilities and expertise.