Research degree completions ... in chronological order
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  1. Felicity Jean Guild (PhD, CNAA, 1978, BLDSC D65995/86, ITT 30-7472, ETHOS PID=482713)
    Property-microstructural relationships in GFRP
    Supervisor: David Short.
  2. Peter Babb (MPhil, CNAA, 1979, ITT 30-4193)
    Fracture characteristics of glass-fibre polyester composites
    Supervisor: David Short.
  3. David John Lee (PhD, CNAA, 1981, BLDSC D40825/82, ITT 32-3951, ETHOS PID=276717)
    Structural stability of unidirectional CFRP thin-walled open-section columns
    Supervisor: Peter Hewson and AS Bachelor.
  4. John Summerscales (PhD, CNAA, 1983, BLDSC D49705/84, ETHOS PID=347407)
    The mechanical properties of carbon fibre with glass fibre hybrid reinforced plastics
    Supervisors: David Short, Peter Hewson and Eric Mingo.
  5. Stephen Grove (PhD, CNAA, 1985, BLDSC D66355/86, ITT 36-4169, ETHOS PID=305344)
    Anisotropy of heat conduction in fibre-reinforced composites
    Supervisors: David Short, Tony Vallis and Max Bacon.
  6. Angela Newbury (PhD, 1994, BLDSC DX180676, ETHOS PID=385006)
    An investigation into the applicability of nuclear magnetic resonance for cure-monitoring of composites
    Supervisors: David Short, John Summerscales, Roy Lowry/Environmental Science
    SERC CASE and Oxford Instruments Limited.
  7. Patrick Griffin (PhD, 1995, BLDSC DXN190734, ITT 46-9017, ETHOS PID=281679)
    The flow of liquid polymers through fibrous reinforcements
    Supervisor: Stephen Grove and David Short.
  8. Timothy J Searle (PhD, 1998)
    The manufacture of marine propellers in moulded anisotropic polymer composites
    Supervisors: David Short and John Chudley (HEFCE Research Fund)
  9. Jim Craen (MPhil, July 2000, ITT 50-12209)
    Resin infusion under flexible tooling
    Supervisors: John Summerscales and Stephen Grove (HEFCE Development of Research funding).
  10. Neil Pearce (PhD, 2001, BLDSC DXN044903, ITT 51-5918, ETHOS PID=366280)
    Property-process-fibre distribution relationships in fibre-reinforced composites
    Supervisors: John Summerscales and Felicity Guild/University of Bristol (EPSRC GR/K04699).
  11. Iosif Progoulakis (MPhil, May 2004, ITT 54-4831)
    Heated tooling for aerospace composite manufacture
    Supervisors: Stephen Grove, John Summerscales and Tim Searle
    TCS programme with GKN Aerospace Services Limited
  12. Rupert Lorraine (MPhil, 2008)
    The development of a best-practice framework for the implementation of advanced manufacturing technologies within low-technology-enabled small and medium enterprises
    Supervisors: Stephen Grove and Mike Miles.
  13. Robert Blackburn (MPhil, 2009)
    The manufacture and testing of perforated composite acoustic panels
    Supervisors: Stephen Grove, John Summerscales and Tim Searle
    TCS programme with GKN Aerospace Services Limited.
  14. Ross Pomeroy (PhD, 2009)
    Permeability characterisation of continuous filament mats for resin transfer moulding
    Supervisors: Stephen Grove, John Summerscales and Yu Wang
    EPSRC CASE 04302190 with Plastech TT Consultants Limited.
  15. Amandeep Singh Virk (PhD, 2010)
    Numerical models for natural fibre composites with stochastic properties
    Supervisors: John Summerscales, Neil James and Wayne Hall (Griffith University - Australia).
  16. Nilmini P J Dissanayake (PhD, 2011)
    Life cycle assessment of flax fibres for the reinforcement of polymer matrix composites
    Supervisors: John Summerscales, Stephen Grove and Miggy Singh (self-funded)
  17. David Harman (PhD, 2013 - commercial-in-confidence for five years ~ embargoed until 26 July 2018)
    An economic evaluation of the robotic tufting process considering the application of a novel composite wing rib post
    Supervisors: Stephen Grove and John Summerscales (Great Western Research with QinetiQ)
  18. Richard Cullen (PhD, 2014)
    Air permeability of balsa core, and its influence on defect formation in resin infused sandwich laminates
    Supervisors: Stephen Grove, John Summerscales and Hom Nath Dhakal (EPSRC CASE Studentship with Vestas Technology, Newport IoW).
  19. Rzgar Abdalrahman (PhD, 2015)
    Thermal design and analysis of tooling for polymer composites manufacture
    Supervisors: Stephen Grove, Adam Kyte and Jahir Rizvi (Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research - Iraq)
  20. Amjed Saleh Mahmood (PhD, 2016)
    Processing-performance relationships for fibre-reinforced composites
    Supervisors: Neil James, John Summerscales and Richard Cullen (Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research - Iraq)
  21. Maozhou (Leo) Meng (PhD, 2016)
    Fatigue failure of fibre reinforced plastics for marine environment
    Supervisors: Jahir Rizvi, Huirong Le and Stephen Grove (CnTech for living expenses and School Research Committee Grant for tuition fees)
  22. Mahdi Hameed Mohammad Al-Farttoosi (PhD, 2016, embargoed for 12 months)
    Impact behaviour of reinforced concrete beams strengthened or repaired with carbon fibre reinforced polymer (CFRP)
    Supervisors: Yaqub Rafiq, John Summerscales and Clive Williams (Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research - Iraq)
  23. Vlad Zamorovskii (MPhil, 2017)
    Composite materials filled with ferromagnetic microwire inclusions demonstrating microwave response to temperature and tensile stress
    Supervisors: John Summerscales, Dmitriy Makhnovskiy (SoCM) and Mansel Davies (SoCM)
  24. Richard Pitwon (PhD thesis, 2017)
    Pluggable optical connector interfaces for electro-optical circuit boards
    Supervisors: Jasper Graham-Jones, Alistair Cree and John Summerscales (Xyratex Limited)

Thesis in submission

  • Aitor Hernandez Michelena (PhD thesis submitted February 2017)
    Effect of fibre treatment on the properties of natural fibre reinforced polymer composites
    Supervisors: John Summerscales, Wayne Hall (Griffith University - Australia) and Jasper Graham-Jones (in collaboration with Acciona Windpower/Nordex and University of Zargoza).