Composites for Undergraduates

ACMC delivers the UK's only accredited undergraduate BEng (honours) degree in Mechanical Engineering with Composite Materials.   Employment prospects for composites graduates are very good, and most of the 166 engineers who have qualified since the course was first offered have found employment in the composites industry.

The relatively new BSc (honours) degree in Marine and Composites Technology enrolled its first students in September 2002.

For further information on course structure and admissions, including the possibility of part time study, please use the following links:

Final year students (BEng and BSc) undertake individual projects in a wide variety of relevant areas.  Some recent titles include:

  • FEA of composite chassis using sandwich panels
  • Design and development of a filament winding machine for small tubes
  • Fracture fixation plates in carbon fibre composite
  • Fatigue of composites under water
  • Design and analysis of composite propellers
  • Manufacturing options for aircraft wing panels
  • Repairs to composite materials
  • Water ingression to composites under high hydrostatic pressures
  • Shroud attachment design for composite masts
  • High pressure cyclic immersion of FRP
  • Human powered water bicycle (with Saracen)

A final semester 'design, make and test' project draws many elements of the course together, and often produces some impressive prototype components, as shown on the right of this page.

inlineskate.jpg (20346 bytes)

In-line skate - autoclave moulded carbon/epoxy

winch3.jpg (10189 bytes)

Lightweight winch handle - plug, tooling and prototype build by final stage students.

speed.jpg (12119 bytes)

Composite monocoque for the Shell Mileage Challenge