5th International Conference on Flow Processes in Composite Materials (FPCM-5)
Plymouth UK, 12-14 July 1999


Conference Chairman

John Summerscales, University of Plymouth

FPCM-5 International Technical Committee

SG Advani, University of Delaware, USA
D Bhattacharyya, University of Auckland, NZ
I Crivelli-Visconti, Università di Napoli, Italy
K Friedrich, IVW Kaiserslautern, Germany
RB Gebart, Luleå University of Technology, Sweden
J Goshawk, University of Wales, Aberystwyth, UK
TG Gutowski, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA
RS Jones, University of Wales, Aberystwyth, UK
PJ Mallon, University of Limerick, Ireland
J-A Månson, École Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne, Switzerland
CM ÓBrádaigh, University College Galway, Ireland
R Parnas, National Institute for Standards and Technology, USA
RB Pipes, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, USA
AJM Spencer, University of Nottingham, UK
F Trochu, École Polytechnique Montréal, Canada
K Walters FRS, University of Wales Aberystwyth, Wales


The page numbers indicated below are those in the printed Proceedings (ISBN 1-870918-01-0) which is sold-out.
All papers published in the proceedings were presented at the Conference.

Selected papers were refereed and subsequently published in Composites Part A: Applied Science and Manufacturing, 2000, A31(12), 1287-1444 with an introductory editorial.
The CPAASM link in a cell below is the DOI for the ScienceDirect record.

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Delegate List

Local Organising Committee

Stephen Grove
Denise Horne
Eirian Jones
Tim Searle
David Short

Monday 12 July 1999 Tuesday 13 July 1999 Wednesday 14 July 1999
09:00 Welcome and introductions   
Session A: Deformation Processes
Chairman: Spencer Jones
Session D2: Resin Transfer Moulding
Chairman: Staffan Toll
Session D4: Resin Transfer Moulding
Chairman: Staffan Lundström
09:15 KEYNOTE PAPER: Constitutive equations for fabric-reinforced viscous fluids
pp 3-10         AJM Spencer (UK) CPAASM
09:00 KEYNOTE PAPER: Modelling and control of liquid composite mold filling process
pp 109-124    EM Sozer, S Bickerton and SG Advani (USA) CPAASM
09:00 KEYNOTE PAPER: Flow prediction in real structures using optical coherence tomography and lattice Boltzmann mathematics
pp 291-302    JP Dunkers, FR Phelan, CG Zimba, KM Flynn, RC Peterson, X Li, JG Fujimoto and RS Parnas (USA)
10:00 Hot drape forming of thermoset matrix composites - characterisation and simulation
pp 11-21    ER Simon, RA Canavan, PJ Murray, E Geraghty and CM ÓBrádaigh (Ireland/UK)
09:45 Finite element modelling of the RTM process
pp 125-135    Z Dimitrovová and L Faria (Portugal)
09:45 Improving the resin transfer moulding process for fabric reinforced composites by modification of the fabric architecture
pp 303-310    NRL Pearce, F J Guild and J Summerscales (UK) CPAASM
10:30 Tea/Coffee 10:15 Analysis of three-dimensional resin transfer mold filling process
pp 137-142    ST Lim, BJ Jung, MK Kang and W Il Lee (Korea)
10:15 Predictions and measurement of the permeability and capillary pressure in capillary flows through woven fabrics
pp 311-318    SC Amico and C Lekakou (UK) CPAASM
Session B: Fabric Properties
Chairman: Conchúr ÓBrádaigh
10:45 Tea/Coffee and Poster session 10:45 Tea/Coffee
11:00 Characterisation and prediction of compaction force and preform permeability of woven fabrics during the resin transfer moulding process
pp 25-35    EM Sozer, B Chen, PJ Graham, T-W Chou and SG Advani (USA)
Session E: Rheology/viscoelasticity
Chairman: Richard Parnas
Session G: Resin Infusion under Flexible Tooling (RIFT) Processes
Chairman: John Summerscales
11:30 Compression of thermosetting fabric materials
pp 37-44    DM Binding, K Fisher and RS Jones (UK) CPAASM
11:30 A viscoelasticity model for deformable reinforcement material in liquid composite moulding
pp 211-218    J Bréard, Y Henzel, F Trochu, S Cadinot, A Saouab and G Bouquet (Canada/France)
11:15 Low cost manufacturing of composite integral armour using resin transfer and resin infusion molding processes
pp 321-328    AD Kelkar and U Vaidya (USA)
12:00 Influence of preform compressive behaviour in liquid composite moulding
pp 45-52    V Michaud, H J Grajzgrund and J-A E Månson (Switzerland)
12:00 Rheological characterisation of discrete long glass fibre (LGF) reinforced thermoplastics
pp 219-226    SF Bush, FG Torres, JM Methven, S Al-Araj and GL Chin (UK) CPAASM
11:45 Special problems due to vacuum injection of large ship structures
pp 329-336    WS Leenders, R Marissen and L v/d Drift and B Boon (The Netherlands)
12:30 Experimental studies and computer simulations of the draping of woven fabrics
pp 53-60    U Mohammed, C Lekakou and MG Bader (UK) CPAASM
12:30 Rheology of non-Brownian fibres with adhesive contacts
pp 227-232    M Chaouche and DL Koch (France/USA)
12:15 Lunch
13:00 Lunch 13:00 Lunch  
Session C: Continuous Fibre Thermoplastics
Chairman: Stephen Grove
Session F: Continuous Processes
Chairman: David Short
Session H: Forming Sheet Materials
Chairman: Debes Bhattacharyya
14:00 Winding of extruded thermoplastic tapes by using a hot air heat source
pp 63-69    P Klein, P Reinicke, F Haupert and K Friedrich (Germany)
14:00 KEYNOTE PAPER: Analysis of roll forming continuous fibre-reinforced thermoplastics sheets
pp 235-256    D Bhattacharyya, RJ Dykes and PJ Hunter (New Zealand) CPAASM
13:15 Study on the flow behaviour of SMC products
pp 339-344    H Hamada, T Hasegawa, E Tanigaki and H Naito (Japan)
14:30 Flow of thermoplastics through fiber assemblies
pp 71-78    JD Muzzy, Y Zhang, and J Bradley (USA)
14:45 Pultrusion of braided thermoplastic commingled yarn - simulation of the impregnation process
pp 257-264    G Bechtold, K Kameo, F Längler, H Hamada and K Fredrich (Germany)
13:45 Fibre network and compression moulding of polymer composites
pp 345-354    MA Dweib and CM ÓBrádaigh (Ireland)
15:00 Tea/Coffee 15:15 Sheet extrusion and thermoforming of discrete long glass fibre (LGF) reinforced polypropylene
pp 265-272    FG Torres and SF Bush (UK) CPAASM
14:15 Influence of the sheet forming technique on the drapability of low cost textile reinforced thermoplastic composites
pp 355-364    S Baeten and I Verpoest (Belgium)
Session D1: Resin Transfer Moulding
Chairman: Suresh Advani
15:45 Tea/Coffee 14:45 Squeeze flow rheology in large tools
pp 365-372    CF Vahlund and BR Gebart (Sweden)
15:30 KEYNOTE PAPER: Numerical simulation of mould filling for three-dimensional composite parts
pp 81-89    JF Remacle, J Bréard, and F Trochu (Canada)
Session D3: Resin Transfer Moulding
Chairman: Francois Trochu
15:15 Fabric Integrated GMT
pp 373-381    TM McMahon, PJ Mallon, RW Roberts, PA Butler (Ireland)
16:15 Simulation of resin intrusion during injection moulding
pp 91-97    GP Matthews and CJ Ridgway (UK)
16:15 Modelling of the permeability of non-crimp-stitched fabrics
pp 275-281    S Lundström and M Zetterberg (Sweden) CPAASM
15:45 Closing Session, then Tea/Coffee
16:45 Isothermal flow simulation of liquid composite moulding
pp 99-106    Xiao-Lin Liu (Australia) CPAASM
16:45 Longitudinal flows in arrays of parallel fibres
pp 283-288    S Toll (Sweden)
17:40 Depart from Conference Centre for Civic Reception followed by a Boat Trip. 19:15 Depart for Conference Dinner at the Moorland Links Hotel on Dartmoor  
Poster Session Injection moulding: mathematical modelling and numerical simulations
pp 145-152    D Antonelli and A Farina (Italy) CPAASM
Measurement of the principal components of the in-plane permeability of woven fabrics
pp 153-159    E Heardman, C Lekakou and M G Bader (UK)
The development of a dielectric system for the on-line cure monitoring of the resin transfer moulding process
pp 161-169    A McIlhagger, D Brown and B Hill (UK) CPAASM
Creep and recovery in bi-polymer composites
pp 171-178    DWA Rees and A Clayton (UK)
Assessment of optimum molding conditions of injection molding process by discrete optimum technique
pp 179-182    A Yokoyama and Y Maki (Japan)
RTM hemp fibre-reinforced polyester composites
pp 183-190    G Sebe, NS Cetin and CAS Hill (UK)
Directional solidification of Al-Cu in-situ composite
pp 191-198    T H Youssef, S F Moustafa, R A Essawy, I Moustafa and E A Sultan (Egypt)
Experimental investigation and flow visualisation of the resin transfer mould filling process for non-woven hemp reinforced phenolic composites
pp 199-208    MOW Richardson and ZY Zhang (UK) CPAASM

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