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Portrait above drawn on 27 December 2006 by
Richard Bell of Willow Island Editions.

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Morris dancing

[In China] " ... in oracle bone inscriptions from the Shang dynasty ( ca. 1600 BCE - ca. 1045 BCE), which represent the earliest recorded history in China, dynastic rulers rarely stop dancing, praying, and performing sacrifices to coax the rain and to ensure plentiful harvests" [Daniel K Gardner, Confucianism, (A Very Short Introduction 395), Oxford University Press, Oxford, 2014. ISBN 978-0-19-539891-5].

My Desert Island Discs would be a sub-set of:

William Baines (1899-1922)

William Baines was born in Horbury (West Riding of Yorkshire) and died tragically young.  The British Library (BL) webpages describe his early and later life.  A few recordings of his works are in the BL Sound and Moving Image Archive (based on the former National Sound Archive collection). There are two commercial recordings of his piano music (Lyrita and Priory) and some examples of his music on YouTube:

Classic electronic music available to download (free)

... and music that never made it onto, or no longer available on, CD (but are on Facebook/MySpace)

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Paderborn Rhine Army Summer Show 2002 ... Sky_Rider


Former inmate of the UWIST Blue Bar 1971-1974:

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