Composite Materials and Structures for the Marine Environment
(75% of MCT module MATS232 Marine Composites and Vessel Surveying)

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The final cohort for this module ran in AY2018/19,
so maintenance of this page was discontinued during Summer 2019.

Module record (DMR) for MATS232: This was a twenty credit module and credits were only secured when both elements have been achieved.  For guidance, the effective value of each element of assessment for this module is 0 credits examination, 5 credits in-class test, 15 credits coursework (composites and surveying coursework equally weighted).  Vessel Surveying for this module is taught by Jasper Graham-Jones:
    a separate page gives guidance on the general requirements for each classification for an honours degree.
From 2002-2015, this topic was module MATS231 Composite Materials and Structures for the Marine Environment.

Recommended reading:  Hull and Clyne CSHL &,    Bunsell and Renard CSHL &,    Åström CSHL &,    Strong CSHL &

It is important that all students are aware of the Health and Safety considerations for this module.  You will be required to attend the Health and Safety presentation and to sign to confirm that you have done so before you will be allowed to use the facilities in the ACMC laboratory (Brunel 007). This support material can be accessed online.

Students studying this module might like to consider Student Membership of the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining (IOM3).  The British Composites Society is a Division of IOM3.

 Week  Topic  Powerpoint  Reading Lists
01  1  Introduction.  Nomenclature and basic equations. 1.1 A01
01  2  ESSENTIAL: Health and safety in the laboratory. 1.2 C04
2  Demonstration of resin infusion under flexible tooling (RIFT)     
02  1  Reinforcementsfibres 2.1  C01
02  2  Reinforcements: fabrics 2.2 C02
3   LABORATORY PRACTICAL: Manufacture of composite plates   
03  1  Manufacturing methods I:  overview   Contact moulding. 3.1 C05
03  2  Manufacturing methods II: Resin Transfer Moulding (RTM). 3.2 C06
4  LABORATORY PRACTICAL: Flexural (modulus and strength) and interlaminar shear strength (ILSS) testing
 .. and .. optical microscopy/fractography
04  1  Manufacturing methods III:  Resin Infusion. 4.1 C07
04  2  Characterisation:  overview  anisotropy. E, G, ν and K. 4.2 A02
5 JS at Sixth International Conference on Recent Advances in Composite Materials (ICRACM-2019), Swatantrata/Bhavan ~ India   
6  LABORATORY PRACTICAL: Electron microscopy of fractured specimens    
06  1  Characterisation: Strength and failure mechanisms.  6.1 A04
06  2  Durability:  creep, fatigue and impact. 6.2 A05
07  2  Durability: osmosis and blistering, cavitation erosion, galvanic corrosion. 7.2 A07
08  1  Manufacturing methods IV: Vacuum-bag/AutoClave. 8.1 C08
08  2  Organic chemistry 8.2 C11
09  1  Matrix systems:  thermoplastic polymers 9.1  C12
09  2  Matrix systems:  thermoset resins
 phenolic and epoxy, polyester and vinyl ester
9.2  C14
10  1  Manufacturing methods III: Filament winding, pultrusion, plus. 10.1 C09
10  2  Quality: Product Liability. CE marking. Recreational Craft Directive (RCD). Classification societies. 10.2 Q
   Easter Holiday    
11 1  Case studies: offshore structures, naval vessels, yacht hulls, canoes, sailcloth. 11.1 M
11  2  DOI_link  Disposal of marine composites at end-of-life
 11.2 N/A
   Bank Holiday    
12  Revision topics as required. 12  
12  Revision topics as required. 12  

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Composite materials Man-made fibres Polymer chemistry Polymer technology Reinforced plastics Textiles
620.118 547.85 547.84 668.4 620.1923 677

The following book is available to download as PDF Chapters
when logged on to PlymNet or the PRIMO Library catalogue:

  • J Graham-Jones and J Summerscales (editors)
    Marine Applications of Advanced Fibre-reinforced Composites,
    Woodhead, Cambridge, 2016.  ISBN 978-1-78242-250-1.

The following resources cover most issues:

Electron micrographs from previous years

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