International theses and dissertations on composite materials and structures (to circa 1994, compiled by John Summerscales)

This bibliography of theses and dissertations is arranged by alphabetical sequence of the author surnames, with chronological subdivision within groups of of common surnames.  The list is intended to update:

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These bibliographies are provided as a convenient first reference point and are not claimed to be exhaustive.  They include all known bibliographic detail up to circa 1994, when I no longer had the time to collect the information.  Whilst every effort has been made to provide an accurate record, the compiler cannot accept any responsibility for costs or inconvenience incurred by errors or omissions included in these lists.  Most American and some European doctoral dissertation titles contained here are published with the permission of University Microfilms International, publishers of Dissertation Abstracts International (copyright (c) variously 1973-1990 by UMI) and may not be reproduced without their prior permission.  Permission to reproduce titles from the other sources listed above is also gratefully acknowledged.

Copies of the theses listed in this bibliography are normally available for loan from the institution at which the research was undertaken.  British doctoral theses are routinely deposited at the British Library Document Supply Centre and have a reference number 'Dxxxxx/yy'. American doctoral theses are normally available from University Microfilms International, and have a reference number 'DAyyxxxxx'.  Reports prepared for, or distributed by NASA, NTIS or US DoD have reference numbers 'Nyy-xxxxx' or 'AD (A)xxx xxx'.

In the previous paragraph 'yy' is a number indicating the year ('87' for 1987) and 'xxxxx' is a reference number in the sequence.  An exclamation mark '!' indicates uncertainty about a thesis date.  Angle brackets <>: indicate that a title is unconfirmed.  Square brackets [] indicate the translation of a title.

Key to the abbreviations
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 AFIT  Air Force Institute of Technology, WPAFB, OH 45433, USA.
 BLDSC  British Library Document Supply Centre.
 CHE  ... College of Higher Education
 CSULB  California State University at Long Beach, CA 90840, USA.
 CWRU  Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, OH 44106, USA.
 EMP  Ecole des Mines de Paris, BP87, 91003 Evry Cedex, France.
 ENSET  Ecole Normale Superieure de l'Enseignement Technique, 61 av.du President Wilson, 94320 Cachan, France.
 ETH  Eidgenoessische Technische Hochschule, 8092 Zurich (CH).
 GWU  George Washington University, Washington, DC 20052, USA.
 ICST&M  Imperial College of Science, Technology & Medicine, London, UK.
 IIT  Indian Institute of Technology (various locations).
 ISVR  Institute of Sound and Vibration Research, Southampton, UK.
 IT  ... Institute of Technology
 KAIST  Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, Seoul.
 KIHWV  Katholieke Industriele Hogeschool West Vlaanderen, B8400 Oostende, Belgium.
 KTH  Kungliga Tekniska Hoegskolan, S-10044 Stockholm, Sweden.
 KUL  Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, 3000 Louvain, Belgium.
 MIT  Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA 02139.
 NCCH  University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, NC 27514, USA.
 NCSU  North Carolina State University at Raleigh, NC 27695, USA.
 NLC  National Library of Canada, Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0N4, Canada.
 NMIMT  New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology, NM 87801.
 NPS  Naval Postgraduate School, Monterey, CA 93943, USA.
 NTHU  National Tsing Hua University, Hsin-Chu, Taiwan, 30043 ROC.
 NWU  Northwestern University
 PI  ... Polytechnic Institute
 PINY  Polytechnic Institute of New York, Brooklyn, NY 11201, USA.
 RPI  Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, NY 12181, USA.
 RWTH  Rheinisch-Westfalischen Technischen Hochschule, 5100 Aachen.
 SDSMT  South Dakota School of Mines and Technology, SD 57701, USA.
 SU  ... State University
 SUNY  State University of New York, Albany, NY 12203 /Buffalo, NY 14260 /Stony Brook, NY 11790.
 TA&MU  Texas A & M University, College Station, TX 77843, USA.
 UCLA  University of California at Los Angeles, CA 90024, USA.
 UCSD  University of California at San Diego, CA 92093, USA.
 UEA  University of East Anglia, Norwich, Norfolk, NR4 7TJ, UK.
 UIUC  University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, IL 61801, USA.
 UMIST  University of Manchester Institute of Science & Technology.
 UWIST  University of Wales Institute of Science and Technology, UK.
 VPI&SU  Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University, VA 24061.
 VUB  Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Pleinlaan 2, 1050 Brussels.
 WAMO  Washington University, St.Louis, Missouri 63130, USA.
 WAWA  University of Washington, Seattle, Washington 98195, USA.
 WPAFB  Wright-Patterson Air Force Base.
  1. Parviz Aalipour
    Analysis and design of space station using air-supported forms and composite materials
    PhD, Brigham Young, 1990. DA9112807. DAIB 51(12)6010.
  2. Olav Aamlid
    A nonlinear finite element based on free formulation theory for analysis of sandwich structures
    DrIng, University of Trondheim - Norway, 1993.  AADC359404  DAIC55(3)963
  3. Ahmed Abada
    Processing, compatibility and oxidation of diboride-reinforced oxide matrix composites for ultrahigh-temperature applications
    PhD, CWRU, 1990. DA9035265. DAIB 51(12)6047.
  4. Jehad Fawaz Abbas
    Nonlinear flutter of composite panel under aerodynamic heating
    PhD, Wayne State University, 1993.  AAD9418117  DAIB55(2)554
  5. GM Abbott
    The nonlinear bending behaviour of plain weave fabrics.
    PhD, Leeds, 1967.
  6. Joao Elias Abdalla Filho
    Qualitative and discretization error analysis of laminated composite plate models
    PhD, (no university given), 1992.  AAD9318092  DAIB54(2)976
  7. Mohamed Farag Abdel-Khalk
    The analysis of sandwich beams and plates
    PhD, Salford, 1990. D94594. DAIB 52(10)5412.
  8. MHA Hamdi Abdel-Mohsen
    Hybrid experimental-numerical stress analysis
    PhD, Wisconsin: Madison, 1986. DA8605689.
  9. Ahmad Shehadeh Abdelnaser
    Random vibrations of composite beams and plates
    PhD, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, 1993.  AAD9312867  DAIB54(2)925
  10. EMY Abdin
    Dynamic properties of some carbon fibre reinforced plastics
    PhD, Southampton, October 1982. D46216/83.
  11. H Abe
    Instrumented impact testing of silicon carbide.
    PhD, Pennsylvania SU, 1976. DA7629611.
  12. DA Abercrombie
    The high temperature creep behaviour of a fibre reinforced epoxy composite
    Masters, California: Davis, 1978.
  13. PHP Abeysinghe
    The fracture toughness of a polyester resin after immersion in aqueous liquids
    PhD, CNAA: Kingston, June 1980. D37655/81.
  14. OCB Abhat
    Dynamic behaviour of laminated composite cylindrical shells under initial stresses
    PhD, S.Methodist, 1971. DA7206349.
  15. SA Abi-Shaheen
    Buckling of composite shells of revolution
    PhD, London: QMC, February 1979.
  16. Mohamed Aboussaleh
    Fatigue of composite materials subjected to random loading
    Fatigue des materiaux composites soumis a des chargements aleatoire
    MScA, Ecole Polytechnique Montreal, 1993.  AADMM90037 MA33(2)601. MA33(2)628.
    >>> K Abraham Jacob, see KA Jacob.
  17. SS Abramchuk
    Diagnostics of elastic characteristics and parameters of the heterostructure of cylindrical shells made of reinforced plastics
    Dissertation, Tech.Sci-Riga, 1979.
  18. KR Abu-Arja
    Static analysis of laminated fibre reinforced plates and shells with shear deformation
    PhD, Utah, 1987. DA8706391.
  19. GAFR Abu-Farsakh
    Analytical and experimental study of buckling of composite shells
    PhD, London: QMC, December 1983.
  20. Alias Abuhasan
    Residual stress in silicon carbide whisker reinforced aluminium oxide ceramic composites
    PhD, Denver, 1990. DA9030075. DAIB 51(6)3072.
  21. TMN Abu-Mansour
    Through-thickness properties of glass reinforced plastic laminate
    MSc, UMIST, 1981. D75809/87.
  22. ML Accorsi
    Micromechanically based constitution relations for periodic composites with elastic, elastoplastic and nonlinear creep material behaviour
    PhD, NWU, 1986. DA8610504.
  23. A Acharhabi
    The calculation of thick plates by three-dimensional finite elements to number of nodes and variable form
    These de 3eme cycle, UT Compiegne/ENSTA, 28 June 1978.
  24. J Albert Ackerman
    End effects in laminated beams
    PhD, Texas A & M University, 1994.  AAD9432633.  DAIB55(7)2838
    >>> JGD Acquisto, see JG D'Acquisto.
  25. Ricardo Luis Actis
    Hierarchic models for laminated plates
    DSc, Washington University-MO, 1991. DA9223569. DAIB 53(3)1562.
  26. AE Acton
    The fatigue of graphite fibre reinforced thermoset and thermoplastic matrices
    PhD, MIT, 1986.
  27. IS Adamovich
    Optimisation of shells of revolution of reinforced plastics with properties varying with orientation
    Dissertation, Riga, 1977.
  28. AG Adamovich
    Predicting the long term strength of organic microplastic in uniaxial tension
    Dissertation, Tech.Sci-Riga, 1978.
  29. P Adams
    Fracture properties of three-phase composite materials
    MSc, UMIST, 1975!.
  30. DS Adams
    Characteristics of thermally induced transverse cracks in graphite/epoxy composite laminates
    Masters, VPI&SU, 1983.
  31. KM Adams
    Effects of cut-outs on strength of GRP for naval ship hulls
    Masters, MIT, June 1986. AD A173 291.
  32. LG Adams
    Tensile impact testing of unidirectional polymer matrix
    Masters, Wyoming, 1986.
  33. B Adams
    Strain relaxation measurements of borosilicate glass at elevated temperature by holographic interferometry
    Masters, Florida, 1987.
  34. Kurt Louis Adams
    Permeability characterisation of engineering fabrics
    PhD, Princeton, 1989. DA8908046. DAIB 50(1)263.
  35. Daniel O'Hare Adams
    Effects of layer waviness on compression-loaded thermoplastic composite laminates
    PhD, VPI&SU, 1991. DA9214567. DAIB 53(2)925.
  36. Mary Elizabeth Adams
    Processing of thermoplastic matrix-carbon fibre composites
    PhD, Clarkson, 1992. DA9222807. DAIB 53(3)1494.
    >>> DF Adams, see DS Cairns.
  37. AB Adeoye
    Failure of filament wound glass fibre reinforced epoxy resin tubes under biaxial loading
    MSc, UMIST, 1979.
  38. RW Aderholt
    A scattered light photoelastic analysis of interlaminar matrix stresses in fibrous composite models
    PhD, Georgia IT, 1973. DA7416128.
  39. Mohamed Reda Adimi
    Fatigue loading of pultruded unidirectional composite materials
    Comportement en fatigue de materiaux composites unidirectionnels pultrudes
    MScA., Ecole Polytechnique Montreal - Canada, 1992.  AADMM86425  MA32(5)1457
  40. DW Adkins
    Strength and mechanics of bonded scarf joints for repair of composite materials
    PhD, Delaware, December 1982. DA8309886.
  41. A Adler
    Permeability studies on cellulosic fibre composites.
    Masters, New York, 1968.
  42. SG Advani
    Prediction of fibre orientation during processing of short fibre composites
    PhD, UIUC, 1987. DA8802973.
  43. L Afanasieff
    Study of the interface locations between dissimilar materials and other aspects of a composite midship section
    Masters, MIT, 1967.
  44. DD Afshar
    Comparison of monotonic and fatigue behaviour of IM6 and AS4 graphite fibre reinforced resin matrix composites
    Masters, Missouri-Columbia, 1986.
  45. Payman Afshari
    Finite element analysis of composite plates by use of modified complementary energy principle
    PhD, University of Illinois at Chicago, 1992.  AAD9310117  DAIB53(12)6499
  46. BD Agarwal
    Low cycle fatigue behaviour of glass fibre reinforced plastics
    MS, Illinois IT, 1970.
  47. PK Agarwal
    Viscoelastic properties and die swell of filled polymer melts
    MS, Washington University-MO, 1972.
  48. BD Agarwal
    Micromechanics analysis of composite materials using finite element methods
    PhD, Illinois IT, May 1972. DA7303619.
  49. BL Agarwal
    Optimisation of a corrugated stiffened composite panel under uniaxial compression
    Masters, Cincinnati, 1973.
  50. BL Agarwal
    Minimum weight design of axially compressed unstiffened and stiffened composite cylinders
    PhD, Cincinnati, 1975. DA7600001.
  51. N Agarwal
    Implementation of a laminated composite flat shell finite element
    Masters, RPI, 1983.
  52. Vivek Agarwal
    The role of molecular mobility in the consolidation and bonding of thermoplastic composite materials
    PhD, Delaware, June 1991. CCM-REPT-91-39. DA9206348. DAIB 52(9)4918
  53. Sirish Agarwal
    Analysis of impingement mixing behaviour of highly-filled suspensions
    PhD, Clarkson University, 1995, AADAAI9610731, DAIB56(12)6899.
  54. Rakesh K Agarwal
    Constitutive modeling of woven-fabric composites for concurrent design
    PhD, University of Maryland, 1992.  AAD9315592  DAIB54(1)440
  55. D Agg
    The flow of polymeric fluids
    PhD, Cambridge, 1987. ASLIB 38(3)6232.
  56. SM Aggarwal
    Characterisation of acoustic emission signals generated by degradation of advanced composite materials
    Masters, Washington SU, 1988.
  57. H Aggour
    Finite element analysis of a laminated composite plate under circularly distributed impact load
    Masters, Florida, 1986.
  58. Hanni Aggour
    An axisymmetric cubic finite element for laminated anisotropic cylindrical shells
    PhD, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 1994.  AAD9416334  DAIB55(1)6642
  59. M Aghajanian
    Effect of phase connectivity on the mechanical properties of a ceramic composite
    Masters, Pennsylvania SU, 1986.
  60. V Agopyan
    The preparation of glass reinforced gypsum by premixing and its properties under humid conditions
    PhD, London: Kings, 1982.
  61. A Agrawal
    Structure kinetics & properties of epoxy and thermotropic polymers
    ScD, MIT, 1986.
  62. Raj Kumar Agrawal
    Effects of microwave processing on the fibre-matrix interphase in composites
    MS, Michigan SU, 1988. DA1333320. MA 27(1)126.
  63. Raj Kumar Agrawal
    Adhesion mechanisms of polyurethanes to glass surfaces
    PhD, Michigan State University, 1994.  AADAAI9524886  DAB56(3)1566
  64. JP Aherne
    Extent of cure vs modulus, density absorption in glassy epoxies
    Masters, Princeton, 1982.
  65. R Ahlroth
    Work hardening tendency of pure, alloyed and fibre reinforced nickel at elevated temperatures
    Lic.thesis, Tampere UT-Finland, 1976.
  66. CA Ahlstrom
    Processing and characterisation studies of PEEK matrix composites
    MS, University of Washington-WA, 1987.
  67. Carla Ahlstrom
    Interface fibre de verre/matrice polyepoxy: introduction d'une interphase a proprietes controlees
    [Glass fibre/polyepoxy interface: introduction of an interphase of controlled properties]
    Doctorate, INSA Lyon, 1991. DA-C199328. DAIC 52(4)664.
  68. S Ahmad
    Pressure vessel ends in reinforced plastics
    MSc, UMIST, 1978
  69. Faiz Ahmad
    A new route for fibre management in metal matrix composites
    PhD, Brunel, October 1990. DX93603. DAIB 52(6)3233.
  70. Reza Ahmadian
    Fiber-reinforced structural dynamics modification
    PhD, University of Mississippi, 1996, AAD9635912, DAIB57(7)4648.
  71. A Ahmadi
    Theoretical and experimental studies on the creep behavior of a graphite-epoxy composite material
    PhD, Drexel, 1974.
  72. AM Ahmad Mustapha and CK Liew
    Shear diffusion in sandwich specimens having glass reinforced plastic face plates with paper honeycomb cores
    BSc, Bristol, June 1981. BU-270. N82-19327.
  73. ZB Ahmad
    Deformation mechanism maps for polymers
    PhD, Cambridge, 1986-7. DX59168.
  74. M Ahmad
    Shear lag effect in composite box girders
    PhD, Wales: UC Cardiff, 1989. DX90968.
  75. I Ahmed
    Stress analysis of a GRP car road wheel
    MSc, London: ICST&M, September 1983.
  76. S Ahmed
    Bond and slip of fibreglass and steel reinforcement in concrete
    Masters, SDSMT, 1988.
  77. Mohammad Mesbahuddin Ahmed
    Electrochemical impedance spectroscopy to monitor degradation of carbon fiber reinforced polymer composites subjected to simulated ocean environment
    MS, Florida Atlantic University, 1993.  AAD1355118  MA32(3)1042
  78. Nesar Uddin Ahmed
    Higher order analysis of laminated composites based on P-version of the finite element method
    PhD, Vanderbilt, 1989. DA8919674. DAIB 50(6)2531.
  79. Kyujong Ahn
    Thermosetting matrix-based composite impregnation science and engineering
    PhD, University of Washington-WA, 1990. DA9108431. DAIB 51(11)5454.
  80. TCT Ah-Teck
    Formability of long glass fibre reinforced polypropylene sheets
    PhD, Loughborough, August 1986. DX77922.
  81. Kim Ainsworth
    Low velocity transverse impact of filament wound E-glass/epoxy resin pipes
    PhD, Liverpool, 1990. DX96407. DAIB 53(3)1509.
  82. S Aivazzadeh
    Elements finis d'interface. Application aux assemblages colles et structures stratifies
    [Interface finite elements used for adhesive joints and laminates]
    D.Ing, UT Compiegne, 1984.
  83. Manoj Ajbani
    Fiber-reinforced and hybrid particle toughened composites
    PhD, University of Akron, 1995.  AADAAI9533090  DAB56(8)4344
  84. A Akbarzadeh
    Stress analysis of composite materials by the hybrid finite element method
    PhD, Wyoming, 1975. DA7522327.
  85. Omer M Akdag
    An experimental study of the enhancement of thermal conductivity of fibre reinforced polymer matrix composite materials
    MS, Nevada: Reno, 1991. MA1346770. MA 30(2)365.
  86. MHM Akhbarizadeh
    Oxidised cotton as a fibre in composites of phenol formaldehyde
    Masters, Pittsburgh SU, 1979.
  87. RM Akhunov
    Studies of the kinetics of damage and macrofailure of fibrous composite materials by the method of acoustic emission.
    Doctorate, Leningrad, 1982.
  88. M Akinc
    Effect of drawing atmosphere on surface characteristics of glass fibres
    PhD, Iowa SU, 1977. DA7729822.
  89. Robert Benjamin Akins
    Dielectric investigation of double glass transitions in polymers
    PhD, CWRU, 1991. DA9216238. DAIB 53(1)351.
  90. Adnan Aksoy
    Mode II interlaminar fracture toughness of interleaved composite materials
    MSE, Florida Atlantic, 1990. DA1339801. MA 28(4)626.
  91. HR Al-Agha and DC Velupillai
    Carbon fibre reinforced plastic sandwich beam construction in the main wing structure of a man powered aircraft
    BSc, Bristol, May 1976. BU-197. N77-17039.
  92. M Alam
    Utilisation of scrap fibreglass circuit boards
    Masters, Lowell, 1975.
  93. N Alam
    Vibration and damping analysis of multilayered plates and shells
    PhD, IIT Delhi, 1980.
  94. MA Al-Ausi
    Effect of fibre reinforcement on the punching shear resistance of flat plate subjected to unbalanced moment
    PhD, Sheffield, December 1982. DX88926.
  95. BV Alavandi
    Static and dynamic response of plates and shells.
    PhD, Melbourne-Australia, 1985. DA8524253.
  96. Kathryn M Albert
    Analysis of thermal microcracking in graphite/polyimide composite materials: a study of fibre volume effects
    MS, Lowell, 1988. DA1333781. MA27(1)141.
  97. FP Alberti
    Effects of finishing agents on fibreglass reinforced plastics
    Masters, Worchester PI, 1968.
  98. WJ Albertus
    Analysis of heat transfer in a bushing for production of glass fibres
    Masters, Purdue, 1982.
  99. SL Albright
    An analysis of the strain energy field of a composite coupon in dynamic tensile loading
    Masters, TA&MU, 1974.
  100. JR Albritton
    Fracture of discontinuous metal matrix composite materials
    Masters, Clemson, 1988.
  101. HA Al-Dafiry
    Studies in the effectiveness of fibres as shear reinforcement
    Masters, New Mexico SU, 1986.
  102. Constanta Adelina Alecu
    A fundamental study related to fiber impregnation for composites
    MEng, McGill University, 1994.  AADAAIMM94257 MA33(4)1318
  103. PE Alei
    Improvement of mechanical properties of polymers by molecular orientation
    Masters, MIT, 1984.
  104. Philip Eugene Alei
    Manufacturing analysis of axisymmetric composite structures
    PhD, California: Berkeley, 1990. DA9126465. DAIB 52(4)2250.
  105. CJ Aleong
    Experimental determination of residual stresses in filament wound composite rings
    Masters, Ottawa, 1986.
  106. Allen Alexander
    Stress continuity with penalty function analysis of axisymmetric composite structures
    MSE, University of Alabama in Huntsville, 1992.  AAD1350638  MA31(2)144  MA31(2)888
  107. Christopher Alexander
    Analysis of interlaminar stresses in symmetric and unsymmetric laminates under various loadings
    MS, University of Texas, 1992.  AAD1350166  MA31(1)422
  108. E Alf
    Untersuchungen zum verhalten ausgewahlter unter schwingender beanspruchung
    [Investigation of the behaviour of selected plastics under vibratory stresses]
    DIng, RWTH Aachen, 15 December 1972. DS7209.
  109. II Alfirevich
    Stress concentrations factors in anisotropic material
    Masters, Illinois IT, 1968.
  110. RJ Alfrey
    Elastic wave propogation in laminated composites: a comparative study
    PhD, Michigan, 1977. DA7717936.
  111. DB Alfson
    Composite material point stress analysis
    Masters, Wichita SU, 1978.
  112. AM Al-Ghothani
    A unified approach to the dynamics of bending and extension of moderately thick laminated composite plates.
    PhD, Ohio SU, 1986. DA8625174.
  113. Naser Shafei Al-Huniti
    Micromechanical modeling of woven and textile composites
    PhD, University of Cincinnati, 1996, AAD9639165, DAIB57(7)4687.
  114. MA Ali
    Study of brittle fibre-brittle matrix composite system with particular reference to glass fibre reinforced gypsum
    MPhil, Surrey, 1972.
  115. SAR Ali
    Effect of fibre reinforcement on the punching shear of flat plates
    PhD, Sheffield, 1979.
  116. BS Aliabadi
    The effect of bond imperfections on the strength and dynamic response of laminated beams
    Masters, University of Washington-WA, 1987.
  117. Nidal M Alif
    Mechanical characterisation of woven fabric composite
    PhD, Florida Atlantic University, 1996, AAD9707531, DAIB57(7)6548.
  118. Mir Sajjad Ali-Khan
    Transverse joint and connection studies on a fibre-reinforced plastic bridge deck
    MS, CSULB, 1991. MA1345836. MA 30(1)128.
  119. AA Aliyu
    Delamination fracture toughness in composite materials.
    MS, Illinois IT @ Chicago, 1983.
  120. KM Al-Joubory
    Fibre-matrix reaction in composite ceramics based on alumina, titania and zirconia matrices
    PhD, Leeds, November 1989. D89051.
  121. QJ Al-Khayatt
    The structural properties of glass fibre reinforced plastics
    PhD, Aston, 1974. D14409/76.
  122. SR Allen
    Mechanical and morphological correlations in poly(paraphenylene benzobisthiazole)fibres
    PhD, Massachusetts, 1983. DA8317456.
  123. MW Allen
    Evaluation of the alternative manufacturing methods for bonding graphite/epoxy composites in single and double lap joints.
    Masters, MIT, 1985.
  124. HC Allen
    Investigation of the manufacturing process of carbon/epoxy laminate
    Masters, Utah, 1987.
  125. SA Allidina
    Analysis and design of fibre reinforced composite structural elements
    ME, Carleton-Ottawa, 1974.
  126. O Allix
    Delaminage des structures composites par la mecanique de l'endommagement
    [Delamination of composite structures through damage mechanisms]
    Thesis, Paris: P&M Curie, 1989.
  127. RE Allred
    Surface chemical modification of polyaramid filaments with amine plasmas
    Sc.D, MIT, February 1983.
  128. Satyanarayana Raju Alluri
    Ultrasonic characterization models for anomalies in fiber reinforced composite materials
    MS, Mississippi State University, 1994.  AAD1357730  MA33(1)242
  129. RA Al-Madani
    Dropped weight impact performance of GRP sandwich beams
    MSc, University of Liverpool, 1992
  130. AFAD Al-Marsoomi
    Factors affecting the durability of ceramic reinforced polymers
    MSc, Manchester, 1977.
    >>> SFMD Almeida, see SFM De-Almeida.
  131. JA Almouli
    Some aspects in the lamination of films, foils & fibrous materials
    Masters, PINY Brooklyn, 1967.
  132. H Alper
    Analytical and experimental studies of a glass reinforced plastic flexural member
    PhD, Virginia, 1976. DA7618087.
  133. JM Alper
    An investigation of the strength-life behaviour of a unidirectional graphite epoxy composite
    PhD, Drexel, 1981. DA8022847.
  134. AT Alptekin
    The dynamic mechanical properties of fibre assemblies.
    PhD, NCSU Raleigh, 1969. DA6916825.
  135. HH Al-Qarra
    The geometrically nonlinear analysis of sandwich panels
    PhD, Southampton, August 1986. D71896/87. DAIC 48/3289C. ASLIB 37(2)4141.
  136. IAM Al-Raheil
    Development of crystalline morphology in polyethylene and PEEK
    PhD, Reading, October 1987. DX76171. ASLIB 37(3)5184.
  137. RA Alrich
    Adapting glass reinforced plastics to a rigid frame design
    PhD, Michigan SU, 1958.
  138. HL Al-Sa'Edy
    The automatic sizing of fibres
    PhD, Southampton, 1981.
  139. V Alstaedt
    Hysteresismessungen zur charakterisierung der mechanisch dynamischen Eigenschaften von R-SMC
    [Hysteresis measurement to characterise the dynamic mechanical capacity of R-SMC]
    Thesis, Kassel, 1987.
  140. TCT Al-Teck
    Formability of long glass fibre reinforced polypropylene sheets
    MPhil, Loughborough, August 1986. ASLIB 39(2)4662.
  141. CE Altman
    Delamination failure of laminated composite materials: an experimental evaluation
    MS, RPI, August 1981.
  142. Brad Stewart Altman
    Dynamic deformations and analysis of a metal matrix composite
    PhD, University of California - San Diego, 1992.  AAD9303231  DAIB53(9)4764
  143. FM Altimore
    Fatigue behaviour of a concrete beam post tensioned with glass fibre reinforced plastic tendons
    Masters, NCSU Raleigh, 1987.
  144. SAA Altoulami
    Theoretical and experimental studies on the creep behaviour of a graphite/epoxy composite material
    PhD, Drexel, 1975. DA756122. N75-22383.
  145. AB Alvarado
    Swelling of polymers as a measure of crosslinking.
    Masters, Pittsburg SU, 1984.
  146. Jose Antonio Alvarez Dios
    Asymptotic theory of anisotropic and non-homogeneous linear elastic rods
    Teoria asintotica de vigas elasticas lineales anisotropas y no homogeneas
    PhD, Universidad de Santiago de Compostela - Spain, 1992.  AADC315655  DAIB54(4)1250
  147. FJ Alvarez-Vara
    Thermoelasticity of composite materials: a statistical approach
    PhD, Pennsylvania, 1972. DA7301354.
  148. CRS Alves
    Stress concentration in fibrous composite material
    MS, NPS Monterey, June 1975. N76-14208. AD A013 609.
  149. Marcelo Krajnc Alves
    Analysis of composite materials subjected to a unilateral contact condition with adhesion on the interface of its constituents
    PhD, Michigan, 1991. DA9135550. DAIB 52(7)3697.
  150. Jamil M Alwan
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    >>> MO Bouyahya Idrissi, see MOB Idrissi.
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    >>> C Chao-Hsing, see CH Chen.
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    >>> S Chin-Teh, see CT Sun.
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    >>> KD Chowdhury, see K Das Chowdhury.
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    >>> SLL Colla, see SL La Colla.
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    >>> SJL Combe, see SJ La-Combe.
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    >>> ERD Costa Marques, see ERDC Marques.
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    >>> ER Da Costa Marques, see ERDC Marques.
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    >>> MEZ de Leon, see ME Zermeno de Leon
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    >>> BDU de Villereglan, see B D'Uston.
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    >>> EV Gellhorn, see E von Gellhorn.
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    >>> JM Guedes, see Jose Miranda-Guedes.
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    >>> JS Hernandez, see J Sandoval-Hernandez.
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    >>> RL Hewitt, see MAO Fox.
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    >>> P Hsu, see Po H.
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    >>> L Jai-Lue, see JL Lai.
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    >>> MR Jeffery, see also MR Jeffrey.
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    >>> MR Jeffrey, see also MR Jeffery.
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    >>> Qu Jianmin, see J Qu.
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    >>> SD Jong, see S De Jong.
    >>> TD Jong, see T De Jong.
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    >>> KA Kathuriarachchi, see KA Kasturiarachchi.
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    >>> WW-P Kiang, see WW-P King
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    >>> S Mall, see MA Rezaizadeh.
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    >>> DC Murray, see AJ Murphy.
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    >>> G de Naegel, see G De-Naegel
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    >>> RC Noble, see AP Nicholls.
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    >>> JED Oliveira, see JE De-Oliveira.
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    [Fracture of silica fibre reinforced ceramic composites]
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    [Properties of glass fibre surfaces and their reinforcing effect in two thermoplastic matrices]
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    [Development of a new type of structural insulating sandwich panel]
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    >>> M Oulad Bouyahya Idrissi, see MOB Idrissi.
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    [Dynamic analysis of anisotropic conical shells]
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    Fabrication et proprietes mechaniques de structures sandwich thermoplastiques/fibre de verre
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    >>> Ouyang Tong, see O Tong.
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    >>> M van Overmeire, see M Van-Overmeire.
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    >>> Pey Min Wung, see PM Wung
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    >>> FF Portillo, see F Folgar-Portillo.
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    >>> MN Raghavendra Rao, see MNR Rao
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    >>> ODV Richards, see MJ Pearse.
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    >>> W Pu Rung, see PR Wen.
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    >>> D van der Sanden, see D Van der Sanden.
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    >>> DMD Santo, see DM Di-Santo.
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    >>> Aicha Chaoui Serier, see A Chaoui-Serier.
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    >>> Sheng Liu, see S Liu.
    >>> NF Shepard, see NF Sheppard
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    >>> C Shyhming, see S Chang.
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    >>> KJ Skirkowski, see FJ Donnachie.
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    >>> BS Spiegel, see BS Spigel.
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    >>> PD Sullivan, see DH Pickett.
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    >>> K Yih-Renn, see YR Kan.
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    >>> L Yin, see Yin Le.
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    incorrectly appears as author in BRTT 90-12-11M-015.
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    >>> Ding Yunliang, see Y Ding.
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