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06. Resources


The iCub simulator and other ITALK software are available in iCub open source repository.

For information on the iCub simulator, see paper by Tikhanoff et al. (2008) An open-source simulator for cognitive robotics research: The prototype of the iCub humanoid robot simulator. See also Tikhanoff et al. (2011) paper on the journal IEEE Transactions on Autonomous Mental Development.

For the AQUILA software application for GPU-based experiments, see paper by Peniak et al. (submitted), Aquila: An Open-Source GPU-Accelerated Toolkit for Cognitive Robotics Research


For the latest movies on ITALK experiments and demontrations, visit the ITALK youTube Channel

More movies on iCub experiments are also available on the iCub's youTube Channel

- iCub Video Simulator
The iCub simulator is used to test the robot's behaviour and cognition before being ported to the real robot.

 Figure 1

- iCub Year1 Demo on Interactive Tutoring
CORLab, University of Bielefeld (DE).
Tutor task: explain objects to iCub by action and speech.

 Figure 1

- iCub's Year2 demo of first word learning and the Modi Experiment
Demo of iCub's learning of first words through visual presentation and embodiment bias (Modi Experiment).

 Figure 1