Instructions for presenters

Each presenter should prepare a 15 minute talk and anticipate questions (5-10 minutes). You will be using your own laptop. We are going to provide an overhead projector with a VGA and audio jack connection as well as a microphone. If you need to borrow a laptop, contact us at Please show up for your session 20 minutes early for a final compatibility check.  Please note that oral Presentations *do not* have posters.

Instructions for poster presenters

Please print your poster in A0 size, portrait orientation (841 mm x 1189 mm). Push pins and tape to fix the posters will be provided. Poster boards will be numbered - your poster number can be found beside the title of your submission in the conference schedule. We would like to kindly ask you to display your poster on Tuesday morning (11 September), before the start of the conference session. The posters should be taken down after the poster session.

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